Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pembaca Berita Tertelan Nyamuk Live On Air

Alkisahnyer, sampai kena masuk spital sebab tertelan nyamuk masa tengah baca berita... hhuuhuuu..

TV presenter swallows mosquito on air

Huang Ching. Image source: Mail Foreign Service

Huang Ching. Image source: Mail Foreign Service

A Taiwanese TV presenter had a severe asthma attack live on air after a mosquito flew into her mouth and bit her.

Huang Ching had to be hospitalised after she swallowed the insect, which then got stuck in her windpipe while she was reading the news.

The news anchor gamely continued with the broadcast despite the incident but executives from China Television Co decided to take her off air so she could get help.

They put on a four-minute advert and a replacement presenter was brought in to carry on with the broadcast.

Huang spent the following day in hospital after the incident.

"I never expected a mosquito to have such a great power. It really gave me a bad day," she said.

Source: Daily Mail, UK

Published July 24 2010

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