Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sungai Lembing Museum

The Sungai Lembing Museum showcases the history of the world-famous subterrannean tin-mine. Located in the old turn-of-the-century town of Sungai Lembing, which was built with the wealth generated by the tin ore mined there, this interesting museum is housed in a beautiful colonial-type bungalow on top of a hill that overlooks the sleepy settlement below.

The town of Sungai Lembing is located 42 kilometers from Kuantan town. A good road links the two places. Here, at the museum visitors can browse the exhibits that represent almost every facet of the now defunct largest underground tin mine in the world. So famous was the mine at Sungai Lembing that it was often given the nickname the eastern 'El Dorado'. Tin was mined here way before the British-owned Pahang Consolidated Company Limited ventured forth to commercially work the place on a large scale in 1906 until it's liquidation in 1986. In fact there is evidence that the mineral had attracted miners since prehistoric times.

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