Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Apprentice Asia

Semalam ternampak kat crawler Astro Awani Nash Idrus atau nama sebenarnya Nazril Idrus, suami Sazzy Falak, jadi salah seorang peserta TheApprentice Asia! Menarikk nih... The Apprentice Asia akan start bersiaran pada 22 mei ni di saluran AXN.

Tadi, CikCloudy gugel la nk tau btul ke nash idrus masuk the apprentice asia tu, sekali jumpe lah info kat memang betulah nash salah seorang pesertanya!

Age: 38
Nationality: Malaysian
Marital status: Married
Education: Chartered Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountant Australia
Current Occupation: Financial Coach, Trainer & Entrepreneur

“I like to win, actually I love winning. If I ever enter anything, I only want to be the best.”
Nazril dons multiple hats as a financial coach, trainer, entrepreneur and a TV host. Some people might also know him through his other half, Malaysian actress and host, Sazlini Shamsul Falak. Years ago, Nazril found himself in a rut after losing money in investments. This was a wake-up call for him especially since his dad died as a bankrupt, spurring him to take on finance management courses. He now specializes in coaching wealth management to fellow celebrities, and is also writing a book about investment and finance management.

Baru ku tau, dia seorang yg berkelayakan chartered accountant! wahhh... kagum jap!

The Apprentice Asia ni dihoskan oleh Tony Fernandes, kalau yg US punyer Donald Trump kan... so is he gonna say the famous phrase YOU ARE FIRED?

Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia. Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes has a personal credo - "Believe the unbelievable. Dream the impossible. Never take no for an answer". He graduated from Epsom College, UK, London School of Economics and has been the Group CEO of AirAsia since December 2001.

Prior to AirAsia, he was the Financial Controller of Virgin Communications London before joining Warner Music International London in 1989. He was promoted to Managing Director, Warner Music Malaysia in 1992 and to Regional Managing Director, ASEAN, Warner Music South East Asia in 1996. In 1999, he became the Vice President of Warner Music South East Asia.
Amongst the many awards Tony has received, the most recent award is: Honor of the Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, conferred on him for services to promote commercial and educational links between the UK and Malaysia. He was named as one of the world's most creative people in business for 2011 by New York-based business magazine Fast Company, and awarded the Inaugural ‘Travel Business Leaders Award’ winner by CNBC.

sorang lagi peserta The Apprentice Asia yg menarik perhatian CikCloudy ialah...

Nik Aisyah Amirah

Age: 25
Nationality: Malaysian
Marital Status: Single
Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from University of Adelaide
Occupation: Auditor
“I’ve always been the organizer – be it an event, a party, assignment or even a simple outing, as I possess strong leadership skills.”
Nik Aisyah has always dreamt of owning her own business, and is here to prove that she is not just all book smarts. A quick learner, she has always been promoted on the fast track. In school, she jumped a grade and finished primary school a year earlier than her peers. In her first and current job, she rose up a rank six months before she was due for promotion.
In the Arabic language, ‘Amirah’ means ‘leader’, which is how people look to her, both in a social and professional capacity. Nik Aisyah describes herself as an ordinary girl who pushes herself to be above average. The Apprentice Asia presents the opportunity for her to take the next big leap in her career.

So far baru 4 org kot dia reveal sapa  peserta The Apprentice Asia nih... jom2 tgk 22 may nih at 9:05pm kat AXN channel.

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