Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blerghh (That's How I Feel Now)

I am really bored at the moment! Nothing seems to interest me. Not the tv not the internet.

Silly thing is, I got annoyed when someone told me he or she is bored, bcoz for me (well, at least at that time lar..) I have millions of things in my head that I wanna do if time is not the factor. But now, I am bored.. dunno what to do... though I have few things dat can be done. 

Well, actually there is something bothering me kot, itu yg semua benda jadi bosan. In fact the reason I am typing this just to clear my head. This is actually therapeutic thing to do for me... typing away what I ever cross my mind.

So one thing I noticed, I need to write down what ever I want to accomplish. Yes, in millions of self help book did say that u have to visualize, write it down. Tapi it is just a chore to drag myself to actually write it down.

I just love watching Hoarders on astro tu.. it is menyakitkan jiwa tengok how they cannot throw away those junks but tengok jugak, and I felt relieved when they are able to clean up the mess! Sick kan...

I think there is more to life... let me rephrase, I think there is more to my life. I mean, I just could feel that I am able to achieve great things, but I just don't really set my mind to it.

Ok, I need to get myself a visual board, well I need to make my own visual board, sumtin like this maybe..

Hey, this is working man... I mean, typing away does sooth me... yeayy...

should try this more often..


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