Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apa laa facebook ni buat photo sync dari Android pulak

Nasib baik terperasan kat notification tadi, rupa2nyer aku antara user intan terpilih yang di test oleh facebook, semua photo aku yg aku amik kat my android phone terus di sync ke photo album kat facebook! Tapi nasib baik tu sememangnya ada sokmo la kan, so nasib baik (syukurlah) photos tu private, meaning  org lain xleh tengok unless kita sendri yg public-kan.

Terkial-kial gak la nak menghapuskan auto sync tu, last2 jumpe.. sblm tu g kat setting>account>sync pon tak mau jadi.. dah remove pon jadi balik bila kita login facebook. Last2 kena g kat setting photo kat facebook yg login kat android tu..

Bila dok google tadi.. jumpe la pasal facebook dok test kan auto sync ni... jahat tauuu... yer la kan.. kita snap gamba kat henpon ada masanya utk tontonan family je, yang tak bertudung la.. apa la.. so takde lah kita nak upload gamba tu kat fb kan... tapi dengan new function ni, dia jadi auto sync n terus di upload kat satu album kat fb kita. Walaupun private, meaning kwn2 fb kita takleh tgk gamba tu, tapi kalau kita x logout kat mana2 pc, x ke naya..

ni berita yg aku baca...

dated sept 2012

Facebook's Photo Syncing is being tested on Android-based devices, according to a new report.

The feature, which automatically uploads images that Android users snap with their devices to their Facebook profiles, is being tested on a small number of users, The Verge is reporting, citing comments from Facebook.

Upon snapping a photo with an Android-based handset, Facbeook's Photo Syncing automatically sends it to a private folder in the user's account. Those images can then be removed from Facebook or shared publicly, depending on the user's preference.

Photo Syncing isn't quite a secret. Facebook currently has a page on its Web site that describes the feature in detail and how it works on user devices. To get it up and running, according to Facebook, users must have the latest version of the social network's Android app and click the "Sync" option at the bottom of their Photos menu. A total of 2GB worth of photos can be stored from mobile devices.

It's not currently clear how many people have been able to use the feature, but The Verge apparently spoke to a Facebook spokesperson, who said testing is limited to a "really small" number of devices.

CNET has contacted Facebook for comment and will update this story when we have more information.


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