Sunday, March 21, 2010

Petaling Street

I am suppose to be doing something else, something that is much more important than this... but I end up doing this.. updating my blog.. uwaaaaaaa...

If only blogging can pay my bills..huhu... reality check! arrgghhh... I still need my day job!

well... these photos were taken when I was in KL recently... Taken from Sani Express

yeahhh... the famous Petaling Street or should I say the infamous Petaling Street? hehe

I just dont know y I but I simply wanna put these photos here... maybe sebab penat2 amik gamba kan.. rugi je la if tak letak kat blog... hehe...

okeh..dah la.. kena kembali buat keje... uwaaaa...!

History of Petaling Street

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