Saturday, February 27, 2010

Restoran Nasi Arab Al-Jawaher Di Kuantan

Few days back.. aziera of left a comment informing me that there is a new nasi arab restaurant in town... I was not aware of that new place.. coincidently I was in that area on Thursday.. so Aziera here is the review.. just for you.. hehe..

here is the exact location.. this place used to house Chicken King restuarant

there were only two tables occupied during our visit..

the menu

the price is quite reasonable, considering they are using organic chicken

this is what my other have ordered (hahaahaa.. other half?) kebab daging n roti arab , that white thingy is not mayonaise but it's humus (go google what 'humus' is)

mine... nasi mandii ayam zafaran organik

they said this is their special drinks here... air asam jawa


okelah kot.. but unfortunately both of us didn't finish our meals. It was worth a try la, but I wouldn't go for a second visit lah.. or maybe we should have ordered something else..

I bought these for my mom... we gonna try a home cooked nasi arab... yey!

I was full of gas after the lunch.. my stomach feels weird the whole day.. hahaa... maybe that air asam jawa kot..


Moon BlooDy Spell said...


Aziera Yazid said...

;) Thanks Miss cloudy! Next time it's my turn to try.

chanteque304 said...

salam ziarah....
wuaaaaaaa,wat kecur air liur jerk...
amek la theme 3 column...:-)

miss cloudy said...

aziera.. wokehh.. wat review yek.. mana tau u nyer experience much better than mine..

chanteque304 (wahh..payah nyer nak eja nama ko.. hehe) theme 3 kolum tu nk amik mana? kat blogger ke kat site yg kita amik code bground?

ahmad badruddin said...

saya bawak kawan dari iraq yang dah dekat dua tahun tak makan arab selain yang mak dia masak. dia cakap nasi sini sebijik macam masa dia duduk kat yaman dulu.