Friday, January 29, 2010

19 Orang Anak?!

Duggar family ada 19 orang anak! Aku pernah tgk tv program pasal Duggar family nih dalam 2,3 tahun lepas kat astro, tapi masa tu dia ada16 orang je anak rasa nyer. Ini dah ada 19 anakkk... wow!

Kalau tengok kat internet gamba umah depa nih.. fuyooo dapur je macam kedai makan, tempat basuh baju pun macam kedai dobi!

ni aku dapat kat yahoo tadi... 

'18 Kids & Counting' Parents Debut 19th Child

By Verena von Pfetten | Thursday, January 28, 2010, 11:42 AM

The Duggars hold Josie Brooklyn
Scott Enlow/AP Photo/TLC

Exactly seven weeks after her early arrival, Josie Duggar is making her media debut.


Josie, who was born three-and-a-half months premature, is the 19th child of the "18 Kids & Counting" TV parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.


In an exclusive interview and photoshoot with People magazine, the Duggars report that Josie is doing well, but call her survival "a miracle." Delivered by cesarean section only 25 weeks after mom Michelle was diagnosed with preeclampsia, Josie weighed at an itty-bitty 1 lb., 6 oz. when she was born.


"Years ago, a baby this small wouldn't have lived an hour," Jim Bob told the magazine. "We are so grateful for the ability to help her."


Though she's still in an incubator at the NICU unit at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, the littlest Duggar now weighs in at 2 lb., 4 oz. Luckily for the little one, TLC television stars Michelle, Jim Bob, their 17 of their 18 other children, have moved to Little Rock from their hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas to be as close to Josie possible.


In the meantime, the not-yet-2-month-old had better get used to the limelight: In addition to TLC updates, the Duggars spent Thursday morning speaking to the "Today" show's Meredith Viera. When asked if baby Josie was "out of the woods," Jim Bob told Meredith that both the doctors and the family were taking it "day by day."

"We know at any moment, things could change," he added. 

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