Thursday, August 06, 2009


apa bende sutasi ek? what is sutasi?

jap2 nak google..

What is Sutasi

SUTASI is the search for new, up and coming, contemporary Asian music talent. How do we do this? We assemble a team of industry experts and hit the ground scouring high-rises, villages, islands and jungles across Asia, searching for singers, bands and songwriters that have the talent to make it big overseas!

Since the launch of Sutasi in 2007 we have auditioned thousands of acts in dozens of countries, and have come across some of the most exciting music we’ve heard in years. On top of this, we’ve discovered that these amazingly diverse musicians all have their own fascinating stories to tell… which brings together the true concept of SUTASI… a showcase of music and culture from within Asia.

Along the way we will decide who gets to experience the opportunity of a lifetime to work with an elite team of music professionals in New York and or Los Angeles. Our judges will be giving us their vote however we are also asking YOU to pick your favorite and make them the WildCard.

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