Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rumahku Yang Ber-Wifi !!!

Sunday nite.. I was in bed lepakking with my cousins.. my cousins (age 9 - 18) were goofing around playing with their handphones (yess..all of them have their own handphones!). They were recording (video) n taking each other photos, while the eldest one was transferring photos from his digicam to his laptop. I turned on my laptop too; charging my handphone using my laptop (USB) coz I forgot to take home the handphone charger. Then I noticed; Ehhh... got wifi lah!!! I yelled happily but.... it was locked!! Arrghhh.. To connect I have to register n of course pay some money... well.. I sms-ed the number on screen...minutes later I got a call... the person on the other end said I can get connected tonight but I have to pay RM20 (for 1 month). Initially, I was thinking to take the package of RM5 for a day. But, that package is not longer available. So... Without thinking twice I said yes!! Few minutes later his friend called and said he's on his way to my house... yey!!
The registration process was very simple, he doesnt even have to enter my house.. I just paid him RM20 after he registered my name. Then he gave me the userid n password.. then voila!! I am connected to the wonderful world of internet!! Again.. Yey!!!
The wifi I'm using is the same like hotspot.. but this one is a service provided by jaring and my parents' house happened to be within the range of the covered area for the service.

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