Tuesday, May 20, 2008


On my mind;

1. I need to further my studies; the word is NEED not 'want'.

2. Best-kan if dapat jadi full time student balik. In other words, quit my job!?

3. Best-kan if dapat do my own bisnis n be my own boss. (Nak bisnis apa? Jual apa?)

Sangat stress!

Dalam kepala ni mcm2 plan... tapi it just plans so far without execution!

I'm actually afraid of venturing out of my comfort zone!

Yes! That's it...that's the real reason, yet I feel miserable for not moving forward in my life be it professional or personal wise.

My rational self; I shud further my studies!

My real-self; afraid of the unknown, afraid of making wrong decision. Or simply just MALAS?

Aaahhh... I need more of self-help books....


Akmal said...

miss clowdy,
To further studies, IMHO is always good :)
BTW, thanks for visiting my site earlier.

Nazhatulshima Nolan said...

Miss Cloudy,
Don't hesitate. Just do it. The journey to climb up is always challenging, but the view at the top once you reach it will be always worthwhile.