Monday, June 05, 2006

Tensed Monday

Hari ini:

  • Early in the morning said goodbye to my bro n SIL; they spent the night at my place last nite (too tired to continue their journey back to Jaybee)
  • Later pi keje with t-shirt n track bottom coz I am dipaksa rela mengecat ari ni!!
  • Tensen gilos coz keje cat-mengecat ni sangatlah mencabarnyer!! Lagi la plak pressure nak capai target nak siapkan ari ni gak.
  • The pressure of kena mengecat kindda got into me (there were two other things hovering in my head that make this painting job even more difficult)
  • One of the two other things is regarding tomorrow's PTD* test. Should I go or not???

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