Sunday, July 20, 2014

Doa dan Terus Berdoa

It's 4:22 now, can't sleep, so I guess I need to stay awake until sahur lah.. 

I cried for the victims of MH17 and for their families, this is just too devastating, a trying times for us. I prayed for the victims family, kuatkanlah iman mereka dalam menghadapi dugaan ini. 

I just can't understand those who keep on forwarding n posting pictures of crash site with the dead no need to lah.. those yg nk tgk pi carik sendri kat newsfeed la.. tak payah la kita yg tak bertauliah ni nak jd reporter gak.. 

Enuff of that, nnti mengata org keyboard warrior, last2 aku pun jd keyboard warrior gak, so though we are in mourning, everyday routine resumes... life must go on.. bills still need to be paid.. but tetap terus berdoa.. 

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