Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note S3

Baru nih jln2 kat ECM (East Coast Mall) kat Kuantan ni.. usha2 lah Samsung Galaxy Note S3 nih, apa yang best nyer Samsung Galaxy Note S3 nih?

rasa nyer, function ni yg paling menarik hati..

Action Memo - Scrapbook

Organise important pieces of your life anytime, anywhere.

Don't stress anymore about organising the information and contents stored in your phone. GALAXY Note 3 allows you to easily track down and categorize images, videos and other contents by tapping the 'Scrapbooker' button in Air Command. Just circle the information or image that you want to save and move it into Scrapbook. It's never been easier to categorize and design your own personalised Scrapbook.

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attyfir said...

mesti beshkan ..
tp tgk review katanya takde kamera depan..utk sapa yg suka selfie , mesti tak tak tau kebenarannya ..