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The Apprentice Asia Episode 8 Sapa Yang Terkeluar?

Kepada mereka yang missed tengok The Apprentice Asia tadi, yang terkeluar ialah Dian, korang tahu tak Dian ni bekas Miss Universe Indonesia 2003? OK tau dah ye, aku je la yg baru tahu.. 

Kali ni diaorg kena buat iklan utk kereta Beetle Volkswagen dan iklan ni kena dilakonkan depan audience secara live!

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This week’s task was to script and produce a LIVE commercial based on the Volkswagen Beetle – essentially, a skit to be performed in front of a live audience.

The team whose commercial is more successful in terms of brand delivery – as decided by the Volkswagen Director of Design – will win.

Dian Does Nothing Again!

Andrea was The Mavericks’ project manager, while Jon was the producer and director.

Dian’s only contribution was to act in the skit.

Once again Jon wondered what Dian was up to. “I feel that Dian is still keeping some tricks up her sleeve and I don’t know why. Time is running out for her.”

Accentuate the Negative, Eliminate the Positive

Andrea’s youth and relative immaturity once again emerged when they were under pressure. (Remember how she whined in Episode 2?) She was getting flustered and negative, and both Jonand Dian had to remind her to relax.

A disapproving Jon said to the cameras, “I think a true leader should exude positive influence. My tip to Andrea is to adjust to the people surrounding her, and not expect people to adjust to who she is.”

In the face of Andrea’s negativity, Jon took it upon himself to try to boost the team’s morale.

Later, in the boardroom, when Andrea admitted that she was cynical, a frowning Tony told her “I cannot work with negative people.”

Alex Plays It (Too) Smart

With just Sam and Alex left in Apex, and Sam volunteered to be project manager.

Alex and Sam had different ideas on what they should do. But Alex barely put up any resistance toSam’s concepts!

Alone with the camera though, Alex spoke out strongly against them.

Mark smelled a fish. “I think Alexis is very smart. He doesn’t agree with Sam’s concept. He’s going along with it and it could very well be just part of his overall strategy,” Mark observed, “If Team Apex loses, there’s only 2 people. And it’s very easy to point the blame at the project manager.”

In the boardroom, Tony pointedly asked Alex, “Did you just send him, the lamb, to the slaughter?”

As always, Alex smoothly talked his way out.

The Mavericks’ Skit

2 newlyweds (Dian and an actor) bump into their neighbor (Andrea) just as they are about to leave for a road-trip in their Beetle. The neighbor lavishes compliments on the car, and the bride thinks she’s complimenting the groom, until the neighbor asks to “take him for a ride”.

It ends with the tagline: “Life’s A Trip with a Beetle. The Icon Is Back.”

Mark said it had “fun, energy, cheekiness”, but Kathleen thought the concept was far too generic.

Apex’s Skit

2 Apprentice contestants (Alex and an actor) were tasked to describe the key selling points of the Beetle to the boss (Sam spoofing Tony Fernandes!). The boss picked the winner, who was given a Beetle.

It ends with the tagline: “You Qualify. Beetle Up.”

Mark thought “the whole idea was funny, engaging and incredibly informative.”

Volkswagen’s Director of Design was impressed, saying, “Beetle Up! I still remember it now. We suggested, ‘Be memorable, and make me smile.’ And they did both!”

Later in the boardroom, Sam acted as Tony again, much to Tony’s amusement. “Horrific, wasn’t it,”Tony quipped. (Dian said it was disrespectful. Andrea said it was sucking up. But thankfully forSamTony said he got it.)

The Result

Apex won, for having the more memorable concept.

Tony Wipes Smirks Off Faces

Dian blamed AndreaAndrea blamed Jon, and Jon said everyone shared the blame.

Tony asked them who they thought was the strongest competitor. When Dian said it was she herself, both Andrea and Jon smirked.

Tony told them off! “I want you to know that I think her people skills are far, far higher than the both of you. I would wipe that smirk off your faces.” Gosh, their smirks certainly vanished.

In an unusual move, Kathleen spoke directly to Dian. “What are you doing here? This is the 8thtask, and you’re still not stepping up. I’m very disappointed. You’ve got to lead and not just shove the responsibility to your teammates!”

Tony agreed.

Dian was fired.

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