Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things

10 Things I need to improve to become even more productive, in control and in balance

1. Make the universe my comfort zone – don’t fear, do what I like and just do it!

2. Focus more on single tasking

3. Reduce amount of devices; today I have 2 macbook pro’s (one specially to record my band with Logic), Iphone, Ipad, Dell (work) laptop, Dell laptop, Dell desktop. It is good that I like synchronization otherwise I will end up with a lot of double work.

4. Read more inspiring books, I just bought “Screw It, Let’s Do It” by Richard Branson, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. Any more suggestions are welcome.

5. Less fun surfing on the Internet, I sometimes walk through my bookmarks and realize that after two hours I’m still surfing on the net without any goal or purpose, just going from site to site. I need to focus more and spend my time wisely online.

6. Get in control with my social media; I use twitter, facebook, Hyves, Linked in, Spingpad, evernote, flikr and many more. I need to find a way to easy control all these social networks. With one tool / interface or just eliminate some accounts and only use the once that are really needed.

7. Do more stuff around the house. This one I promised my wife to add J She sees that I’m very productive at work but that I’m not productive when it comes to fix things around the house. So hereby I promise to do more around the house and garden.

8. Start running again. It is good to clear your mind and for your health. It won’t cost you that much only time and a good pair of running shoes. I just need to fix one evening in the week to start running. I will start with 15 min in the first month, 30 min in the second month and 45 min the months after that. Longer is not needed, 45 min is good for your condition and enough to clear your mind.

9. Get rid of my fear of flying. I’m a KLM gold member due to the huge amount of flight I’m taking each year but I’m still afraid of flying. It would give me a more relax feeling during flight so that I can read a book or work during flights as well. Now I can only listen to relaxation music on my iPhone during flights.

10. Eat healthier. I already stopped drinking Cola and Coffee now I need to pay more attention to my food.

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KB Emily said... highly motivated once i read ur blog..good intention... love ur follow mine, but i think i want to keep up with urs

miss cloudy said...

thanx for the visit... manyakkk nyer komen.. i sukaaa! hehe