Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost Its Touch

It feels like this blog has lost its touch (personality?) Why la? Is it because I became to conscious of who's reading my blog? arghhh..

I need to let go.. let go of the consciousness that I have..

erkk.. what eva...

lately I've been writing craps.. (as if before tak craps.. haha)

anyway, promise myself to write better entries after this... not just merely photos of food n places but need to write something worth reading about it...

My dream is to have more than 1k of hits per day! So, need to start cracking up my head and write good quality of blog entries... yeahhh! go CikCloudy go!

ok.. time to watch Guliana n Bill.. to get some materials for my entries..

1 comment:

Bella Enveeus said...

yeay go cikcloudy go..

sometimes we need to sit back and reflect why we're meeting a dead end.. its either you get off blogging for a while to get a fresh perspective or you gotta work harder to get new ideas..

whatever it is tho, wish you good luck