Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Aku Kena Hack? Grrrr..!

Earlier today I was alerted by Mr.Monday that something was wrong with this blog. It seems that it will be automatically redirected to a website called jentayu dot com!! haishhh.. At that time I was busy doing something (tgh keje la) and was away from the computer, so got no chance la to straight away attend to the matter... after like 30mins kot then I got a chance to login to this blog..

I got kindda pissed off gak la.. what the heck la plak dengan jentayu dot com tuu.. then after I consulted a friend of mine, he gave me an idea what to do.. thennnn baru lah settled! The source of problem was... There was this one add on gadget that after I removed it.. voilaaa... this cloudymonday is back to normal! yeayyy!

So, bukan kena hack la (sapa laa yg nak hack kan) it's just the problem with the html codes... kot?

CikCloudy: Thanx to Miss Q sebab sangat prihatin memberitahu akan masalah ini.

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