Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. Vs Aug.

Suave and compromising. true
Careful, cautious and organized. true
Likes to point out people's mistakes. ermm.. ye kot..
Likes to criticize. ermm yer kot..
Stubborn. kadang2
Quiet but able to talk well. true
Calm and cool. true
Kind and sympathetic. true
Concerned and detailed. true
Loyal but not always honest. haha...
Does work well. true
Very confident. at times
Sensitive. very
Thinking generous.
Good memory.
Clever and knowledgeable. true
Loves to look for information. sangattt true!
Must control oneself when criticizing.
Able to motivate oneself. sangattt true!
Understanding. True
Fun to be around. True
Secretive. True
Loves sports, leisure and traveling. true
Hardly shows emotions. beremosi dengan si dia je
Tends to bottle up feelings.
Very choosy, especially in relationships. haha... yesss!
Systematic. yess..strive to be very one

Loves to joke. yes
Attractive. yes
Suave and caring. yes
Brave and fearless. yes
Firm and has leadership qualities. not sure
Knows how to console others. kawan2 dia maybe la but not me
Too generous and egoistic. yes
Takes high pride of oneself.
Thirsty for praises.
Extraordinary spirit.
Easily angered. yes
Angry when provoked. yes
Easily jealous.yes
Observant. yes
Careful and cautious.
Thinks quickly.
Independent thoughts. dunno
Loves to lead and to be led. dunno
Loves to dream. yes
Talented in the arts, music and defense.
Sensitive but not petty. yes
Poor resistance against illnesses. yesss..sakit sokmo
Learns to relax. not sure
Hasty and trusty. yes
Romantic. yes
Loving and caring. yes, tapi kadang2 tak punn
Loves to make friends . yes

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