Monday, April 27, 2009

Oprah - Millionaire Moguls

Last nite aku tgk Oprah ada citer pasal muda-mudi yg jadi kaya raya... bestnyer.. hihi... main guesta were the twins.. mary kate n ashley olsen yg sememangnyer dah terkenal dan kaya raya since diaorang kecik... sebab masa baby dah berlakon dlm sitcom Full House yg masa dolu2 aku suker gilerr..

One thing... to become successful... we need to follow our passions... hmmm..

Gurbaksh Chahal

G was born in the town of Tarn Taran, near Amritsar in Punjab, India to Avtar and Arjinder Chahal. In 1985, his parents received a visa for America through a lottery-based system in India, and the following year, when he was four, the family settled in San Jose, California. His parents had arrived with only $25 to their name, and they struggled at menial jobs to make a future for their four children.For the Chahal family, as for many immigrants, education was paramount, but G left high school at sixteen to form Click Agents, an Internet advertising company, which he sold two years later for $40 million. In January 2004, he launched a second company, BlueLithium - the next generation in Internet advertising. The company was focused on data, optimization, and analytics and became a pioneer of behavioral targeting. BlueLithium was named one of the top 100 private companies in America three years in a row by AlwaysOn, and in 2006, it received highest honor as Top Innovator of the Year. (Previous winners included Google, Skype, and On September 4th, 2007, Yahoo! announced that it was acquiring BlueLithium for $300 million in cash.

Tony Hsieh

At the age of 22, Tony Hsieh and his college roommate started an Internet marketing company. Two years later, they sold the company for $265 million dollars! Instead of retiring, Tony decided to invest in an online shoe store called A year later, Tony became the CEO and hasn't looked back since

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