Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Should He Be Forgiven?

Ni dari the star semalam punyerr....

Please forgive me: Ng stationing himself in front of the mall in Petaling Jaya on Saturday. The writing on the card reads ‘I Love You Lee Sook Chin’.

Desperate hubby pleading for wife to come home

PETALING JAYA: In a desperate attempt to win back his estranged wife, a man has continued to plead for her forgiveness in public.
Salesman Kelvin Ng, 29, made his first public attempt a week ago in SS2 here. On Saturday, the distressed husband tried again, kneeling down in front of Amcorp Mall with banners and a poster saying “I Love You Lee Sook Chin”.

Speaking to reporters as he knelt, Ng swore that if his wife returned to him, he would repent.
“I want her to be the most admired woman out there and I want her to think that this marriage was never a wrong choice.

“I am doing my best to rescue this marriage and the whole world will be my witness,” he said.
Ng said his wife had claimed that he had been caught cheating on her six times.
However, he said he only cheated on her thrice and vowed not to be “playful” anymore.
Two weeks ago, his wife left him, leaving behind their two children – a boy, aged three and a girl, aged one.

One of his friends, Alex Tang, 30, said they were also there to do all they could to help Ng, who had been depressed.

Ng, who had earlier pledged to kneel for a whole day or until he passed out, remained in his position outside the mall until 10pm.

However, it was in vain because his wife did not come back.
When contacted, his wife Crystal Lee, 24, asked to be left alone.
“I will forgive my husband anyway but I need time to think it over,” she said.

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