Thursday, May 08, 2008


This week I'm gonna have such BLAST! (or so I thought)

I took my annual leave on Apr 25th n 30th, May 2nd,5th n 6th
Nothing that could be translated into a BLAST! actually... life goes on as usual except for not waking up in the morning rushing to go to work. I went to work in the afternoon instead!
Monday morning (May 5th) - Thanx God my handphones were in silent mode.
Millions of missed calls from office.... huarghhhh....
Later on...kena jugak pegi ofis... there were things need to be settled. (Padan muka aku gak, bercuti tapi keje tak settled!) Thanx God my immediate boss is such a nice lady...sama2 buatkeje ngan dia, sampai tak ingat nak lunch. I went to the ofis at about 11:30am, buat keje tak ingat dunia sampai lah kul 5pm! Terus janji ngan si dia ajak makan... lapor sesangat...
Later that nite pun kuar lagi ngan si dia... huhu...
Tuesday... lunch with Him...then after solat at home g ofis, this time my immediate boss siap sms minta aku g jap coz ada lagi hal yg tak settled...this time it's not because aku yg tak siapkan keje, it is just that dia nak my explanation on certain things yg dia tak paham.
Wednesday (today) It's a public holiday...yey!
Buat apa? Si dia kena langkah tak panjang manalah... had lunch with him, then I lepak umah layan astro. Then at 5pm after si dia abis keje we went out for mee hoon sup for me n mee sup for him. Plannyer tak jumpe dah sebelah malam... last2 si dia msg nak dtg jumpe jap... that sekejap jadi sejam..huhu... he helped out my hosmet with car-thingy.
Can't wait for Saturday...I need the weekend (yes...tak cukup lagi cuti)
Feeling like - shopping theraphy lah.... hmmm... best nyer...

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