Monday, December 17, 2007

Books of Nov-Dec 2007

For the past two months I did lots of reading... the prove is... most of (maybe all) my nov n dec posts are about book reviews. I did buy lots of book too! Since November, I've bought:

1. Ikut Hati Anda: Mencari Tujuan Hidup dan Kerjaya oleh Andrew Matthews. RM 28.50

Gave the book to my client, as a present for lucky draw during their dinner.

2. Tuesday With Morrie. By Mitch Alboom. RM25.99 (Tesco Ampang)

Finished the book within 3 hours (bus ride KB-KT)

3. 50 Kisah Usahawan Wanita. By Norlela Zubir. RM 18.00

Plan to give this book (as a belated bday present) to my old fren way back from primary skool. She's now a mother of three, a busy wife,mother with a traveling agency to handle.

4. PhD. Kecil Tapi Signifikan. By Muhd. Kamil Ibrahim. RM35.00

Purchased this book thru (via email) the author himself, he even signed the book for me!
Finished reading this book within one day. Note to self: need to make an entry about this book coz I was involved in an accident while reading this book.

Total Purchase of books for Nov - Dec 2007 = RM107.49

Whoaa..!! Quite a lot !! Well.. it's worth it...

Plan to buy GUiT by the end of this month.. thinking of attending that book signing session this 25th Dec.... hmmm... we'll see how...

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banat @ saffa @ hazwani said...

salam...dear miss cloudy, r u a teacher/lecturer or more or less like tht? waaa~if so, we r in the same track:P