Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend Yang Best

I just love my weekend!!

Had a pretty eventful weekend. Went out the whole day on saturday.

  • started the day with a breakfast date with Zahr at this one restaurant that used to serve delicious meals. This visit we were not satisfied at all with the service and the food. Due to that we put a big cross for that restaurant. Meaning; no more visits to that place.
  • later went shopping for bathroom n laundry supplies n also presents for Nin bro and nephew's kenduri.
  • The four of us (Shf,Isk,Zahr n I) went to town R for the kenduri.
  • watched paintball games after the kenduri
  • played 2 rounds of bowling
  • went to pasar mlm
  • teman zahr tgk WCup
  • tido-tido ayam sambil tgk Wcup

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