Saturday, July 15, 2006

Highly Motivated

Lately nih I got really excited with lots of ideas that keep popping up in my head! All those ideas tuh mcm membuak2 jek keluar. Macam2 benda yg aku dapat idea nak buat! Macam2 program n project yg aku dapat idea nak buat! For clients' sake n also for my personal life. Just thinking about those idea made me really2 excited! Banyak sesangat rasanyer benda aku nak buat kekadang tu sampai rasa takut. Takut tak kesampaian. Cita2 jek mengunung tapi result nyer tade! Those ideas sometimes crop up dengan membuak2, belum abis excited psal 1 idea, dpt another brilliant n exciting idea plak. Sampai rasanyer I need to jot down every single thing that suddenly playing in my head. Ada gak kekadang tuh takut, coz rasa mcm kepala otak aku ni macam takleh nak stop, dok proses itu n ini 24/7!! Takut jek tup2 dlm dok busy proses itu ini, banggg....ada short circuit mana2!!! Nauuzubillah....
Last nite when I was reading this guide book for aspiring writers, I had to stop reading bcoz I just could not stop my head from popping up with all the possible stuff that I could write.
Really hope that I will find time n have strong determination to see those ideas materialized!

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