Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hari Rabu

Berjaya masak nasi goreng walaupun bangun tidur agak terlambat. Kelam-kabut gak la masak coz first time masak pakai cara ni (re: using pounded anchovies n belacan etc). Percubaan yg bolah di katakan agak berjaya. Rasa tuh ada la, tapi tak se-umphh mana. Improvise! Improvise!
Things at the office still a bit "hambar". Went out TS during lunch break. In the mood to organize my stuff today. Selongkar all the "lapukss" files. Updating other files. Preparing for the new semester. Kononnyer lah! ahakss...
Later at home, feeling very exhausted. For the past few days, I've been feeling very tired. Maybe due to lack of sleep. Staying up late at night, hopping from one blog to another has taken a toll on me!! This got me worried coz I am afraid it will effect my blood pressure.
Much later, nearly 11pm received a phone call from a fren telling me dat another fren's daughter had a serious bathroom mishap. Tho it was quite late, asked him to pick me up to go to the hospital. 10mins after 11pm arrived at the private hospital. When we got there, the daughter was fast asleep. She just had an opretion on her tiny shin. Earlier she n her elder sister were playing in the bathroom, she climbed onto the bathroom sink. The sink then collapsed with her on it. Resulting cut on her stomach n deep wound on her shin. Pity her... The four of us (re:Shf,Isk,Jie (isk's bro) and I) stayed there for awhile. Later, we had drinks at the mamak's place nearby.
That was my Wednesday....

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