Thursday, April 27, 2006


Service n tukar dua tayar keta. Duit gaji tak sempat nak panas dok dlm account, dah kena wat kuar. Lari lagi budget bulan nih. Ingatkan mcm steady jek bulan nih coz last month tak byk belanja sangat.

Pagi tadi after had bfast went out with Shf antar my darling workshop. Lama dah dok postpone nak repair keta tuh. The thought of driving to that workshop yg jauh tu and kena plak jumpe that a bit merapu mekanik is enuf to make me want to forever procrastinate sending my car there. Tapi whether I like it or not, that mekanik tuh jek la yg serasi ngan keta aku.
Somehow got a briliant idea last nite on how to deal with that a bit merapu and long winding mechanic. Since I'll be going to that workshop with Shf why not get him (re:the mechanic) into thinking that Shf is my bf!! So that he won't be very merapu meraban, coz all I want is for him to repair my car.
The plan worked. Nak tergelak plak masa aku pi antar keta tuh. Shf was by my side when I informed the mechanic what is wrong with the car. Serious jek muka the mechanic. Tade nak wat lawak gaban pun. Tee heee...
After work keta siap, kena charge RM500!! Adoii....
Finally dapat gaji ari nih....alhamdulillah.... earlier asked RM500 from my fav uncle coz aku I only have RM150 in my purse! Being a very devoted uncle he transferred the money without banyak soal. (re:told him y I need the money, he said that's quite a lot n said he will send it later)
Called Cik Lady. My roommate from college days. Lama gak borak ngan dia. Berbulan dah tak borak ngan dia. *Self note; need to take extra care of my cellphone usage from today on wards.

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