Sunday, March 26, 2006

Outstation Lagi

Hari ni kena pi buat outstation. . Kak Nez jemput aku kat umah at 8.45am. Stopped for bfast kat kedai dekat ngan our workplace, we both had nasi kerabu. Then off to the place.

Two weeks in a row aku kena buat outstation.

Today’s outstation was totally different from last week’s. The suasana kat that place tuh sangatlah membosankan. If not for the snake show there weren’t nothing interesting. Mr. Arrt dropped by, tinggalkan our place for awhile to him while Kak Nez and I ronda2 tempat lain.

Bored with taking photos of paper bags, switch my attention to the snake. At that time, tade lagi snake show. Those ‘snake people’ were just walking around showing off the snakes to the crowd. Braved ourselves to hold the snake. Geli lorrr ular tuh dok berbelit kat leher! The photos of us holding the snake turned out good!

At 2pm baru lah the snake show start. Best gak la tgk depa menjinakkan ular2 tuh. I’m sure all those snakes tuh dah tade bisanyer. Tup2…Kak Nez kena panggey naik pentas to play with the snake. Haha…nasib baik that snake ppl tak panggey aku. Took few photos of Kak Nez on stage, tup2 my digicam plak wat hal. Masa nil lah dia nak abis bateri. Rugi la.. dpt amik vdo of Kak Nez for few seconds jek. After that show we packed our stuff n headed back.

Habis satu hari sabtu…. Sampai umah…had shower..then tdo!! Lepak in my room the whole time. Tup2 at 12.45am kena pi amik S plak.

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Neeza Shahril said...

heheheheee cam biasa experience je nihhh.. i thot i dunno you.. actually i do know you. heheheheee